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Julia Hurlow DMin

Author Of

Transcendence at the Table: 

A Transfigurational Experience While Breaking Bread Together

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About Julia

As an avid traveler nationally and internationally, born in Middle America, with years spent living in multiples different states, currently my roots are being watered in Indiana. I live with an insatiable curiosity to live an embodied life through exploration and experience. Being present in lament and celebration within community are essentials to meaning making.


Inviting people to build a table together or participating with others hiking the Camino in Spain encompass the expanse of how I spend my time…cooking and sharing meals together along with exploring the land on a trail or sleeping under the stars.


My education includes a BS in Christian Education and Leadership, Master’s degree in Counseling and a Doctorate in Semiotics and Future Studies. Professionally working at a University in the area of Discipleship through Student Development along with teaching, offering spiritual direction, speaking, and writing.


In order to enact authenticity in relationships that mirror the love and belonging of the Divine Triune God we must together hold nuance as we live among one another. It is here we will be able to experience redemption in the world.

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Transcendence at the Table: 

A Transfigurational Experience While Breaking Bread Together

What if the universal space for shalom to transcend is experienced at a table? A hospitable space for unification, love, and belonging can happen when invitations are extended to come, to participate, and to communicate at the table as a reflection of the Imago Dei.


When was the last time you sat down for a meal, to break bread with other people and experienced peace? Throughout the arc of the Scriptural narrative the word shalom is used as a way to speak of the way of peace. This word shalom embodies the depiction of creation where all things would glorify to the Divine Triune God as well as bear the image seamlessly embracing love and belonging.


The Divine Triune God created humankind to have communion. Yet, intimacy was broken when fruit was eaten from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The redemption though, came through the resurrection of Jesus, who sat down, and broke bread with the disciples. In the Old Testament reunification was through the altar, in the New Testament it was through the communion table, and there will be a celebration of a feast for eternity.


The table mattered at the beginning of time. The table has mattered all throughout history. The table still matters. The table is promised to always matter.


Dr. Drew Moser

 Dr. Julia Hurlow masterfully champions a Trinitarian theology of the table marked by love and belonging.


Sarah E. Westfall

This book is an invitation into a sacred space where we can discover more of God in and through each other.


Dr. Samuel Kefas Sarpiya

Julia challenges us to have a renewed sense of wonder for that table, the extension of grace through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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